How much should my Pug weigh? Find it out now!

Pugs Weigh under Control – Why?

All Pug owners ask themselves this question a least once in their lives; ‘how much should my Pug weigh?’.Is Spot too fat or too skinny? Is he obese?’ Don’t worry, we’ve been there!

However, you must know that this simple issue can be a costly one; even fatal. Here’s why you should take care of your Pug’s weight:

Reason # 1 – It’s easy to misjudge their weight

With obesity-prone Pugs it’s rather easy to misjudge their weight as good or bad, meaning this can go both ways. You can keep your little Pug too fat or too skinny without knowing how much they should weigh – this can be prejudicial either way.

Reason # 2 – Developmental issues can occur

When they’re fed properly, Pugs can lead a healthy life. If they’re not properly fed though, they can have issues with lack of nutrients, especially micronutrients – vitamins, minerals, and more.

On the other hand, having too many nutrients in their diets can also be detrimental, especially macronutrients – fat, protein, and carbs.

Reason # 3 – They are prone to these issues

Dogs love to eat, and owners generally don’t have a good sense of how much they should eat. And the truth is that dogs, Pugs included, can eat limitlessly if they have the chance, causing them immediate issues like gastric torsion (bloat), nausea, and more. Additionally, other issues long-term are obesity, diabetes, which can be fatal.

Even issues like obesity, if not fatal, can diminish their quality of life incredibly, causing joint issues, worsening breathing issues, and more.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how much should Pugs weigh. We’ll break this the different stages throughout Pug’s lives; how much they should weigh as they grow into seniority. Also, we’ll mention a few of the issues you can avoid with proper nutrition!

When you finish reading this article, you’ll have a sound idea of how much should your Pug weigh for his age and size. Let’s get started!

Important: Make sure to complement this reading with our guide to keep Pugs lean and with proper vet consultation. Your vet can prescribe a tailored diet for your dog, making the goal of keeping them lean easier to achieve.

“According to a 2014 survey by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, more than half of all dogs are overweight or obese. A dog is considered overweight when their weight is 15% or more above the ideal. Dogs are obese when their weight is 30% or more above the ideal weight for that animal.”

American Kennel Club – AKC

So, how much should Pugs weigh according to standards?

A simple way to know how much Pugs should weigh is using their age – but this only works with standard Pugs.

When talking about other types of Pugs, like mixes and abnormal (in the sense they don’t stick to the standard), their weight will vary depending on their genetics.

You see, standard Pugs are categorized as a toy breed. Their height is anything between 10-13 inches, and their weight should be anything between 14 and 18 pounds. Those are AKC official measures for the breed standard.

Still, those are the measurements used to judge champion-quality Pugs, so pet-quality Pugs can be bigger or smaller than that average.

how much should pugs weigh

How much should my Pug weigh according to his age?

Pugs have a quick and steady growth from they’re born until they reach adulthood. It seems worth noting that their growth rate is much faster than humans.

This is the same in all dogs because they need to be ready to survive in nature rapidly after born.

Here’s a quick guide to how much your Pug should weigh according to his age:

Newborn Pugs Weigh

When Pugs are born their weight ranges from 75g to 350g; this also depends on the quality of the dam’s diet and the number of puppies in the litter.

One to four-week-old Pugs Weigh

After a week, their weight should double from that first measure, so anything between 150 and 700 grams should be alright.

Five to eight-week-old Pugs Weigh

Their weight should have more than tripled by this time, so anything between 900g and 1.6kg is normal. By the end of eight-week puppies are ready to reach their forever homes with you!

Four-month-old Pugs Weigh

They should weigh between 2kg and 3.5kg.

Six-month-old Pugs Weigh

They should weigh between 4kg and 6 kg.

Nine-month-old Pugs Weigh

By this time, Pugs will have put on at least 75% to 85% of their adult weights. You can expect them to weigh up to 8kg.

One-year-old Pugs Weigh

When they reach a year of life, they’re young adults that are fully grown. They can weigh up to 9kg. This should be the weight they maintain as they grow old.

Senior Pugs Weigh

Senior dogs are usually lighter because they tend to lose muscle. Still, with a proper diet and exercise routine, they should maintain their weight or not lose too much of it, especially muscle mass.

Important: You must know that each Pug is different! Not all Pugs weigh the same, so this is not a guide that you should follow exactly. If your Pug is bigger than the average Pug, he’ll weigh more than his age average without being classified as overweight or obese.

“Weight management and weight-related illnesses and injuries are the most common health issues affecting dogs and cats. In the United States, an estimated 60% of cats and 56% of dogs are overweight or obese1. (A dog or cat is considered overweight when they are 10-20% above their ideal body weight and they are considered obese when they are 20% above their ideal body weight). “

Canadian Kennel Club – CKC

How much should my female Pug weigh?

Female Pugs are smaller than male Pugs, which is why they’re usually on the lower side of these weight progressions.

Still, some female Pugs can be bigger than male Pugs without being overweight, even within the same litter.

How much should Pugs weigh: is it so important?

It is vital! Obesity is the sworn enemy of Pugs, and sadly, owners are usually the ones causing it.

If you have an overweight Pug, you’re actually diminishing the quality of life of your pet immensely. Here’s why:

Reason # 1 – The risk of overheating with regular activities is bigger.

Reason # 2 – Their breathing issues due to brachycephaly will get worse.

Reason # 3 – They won’t have as much energy – which makes burning calories harder for them.

Reason # 4 – The risk of joint, heart, and lung issues (linked to obesity) goes up as well.

Here at, you can find many tips, products, and routines to help your Pug lose weight:

There’s no excuse to keep them unhealthy – fending off obesity and keeping your Pug healthy is part of the commitment of having a pet!

“A balanced diet is critically important to your dog’s cell maintenance and growth and overall health. Barring any special needs, illness-related deficiencies, or instructions from your vet, your pet should be able to get all the nutrients he or she needs from high-quality commercial pet foods, which are specially formulated with these standards in mind.”

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – ASPCA

Frequently Asked Questions – How much should my Pug weigh?

My Pug is active, but he is still obese. What can I do?

If a Pug that’s young and active is obese, this is possibly caused by an imbalance in his feeding and caloric expenditure. To fix this, feed him a little bit less. This includes snacks!

My Pug puppies are too light. What can I do?

Don’t worry! As we said, Pugs weigh nothing more than ounces when they’re born. They should gain weight rapidly over the next four weeks thanks to the highly nutritious Pug mommy milk. If this doesn’t happen take them to the vet for a checkup – if you didn’t already!

Can Pug puppies be obese?

Yes! Still, this only happens when the diet of the Pug mommy before giving birth was too much for her. With a proper diet after they’ve been weaned, a good amount of playtime, socialization, and training, they should lose their love handles.

I think my Pug is obese. What can I do?

Taking them to the vet is the best way of assessing if that’s the case.
For an at-home assessment of their weight, check the points above – these work only if yours is a standard Pug though. You can also check our guide on how to keep Pugs lean for more tips.


Since obesity can be fatal in Pugs, and they also have breathing issues that are greatly worsened by it, keeping your Pug lean is vital!

And the truth is that this is not an impossible task. You just have to exercise them, feed them with proper doggy food and snacks, and always avoid sharing human food with them.

You must also be aware that not all Pugs are the same, which is why knowing your specific Pug’s regular weight is a good idea. This is also the case in Pugs with abnormal hormonal changes and female Pugs during their heat cycle and pregnancy.

As we always say, keeping your Pug safe, healthy, and happy, is definitely the best way of loving him.

So, is your Pug fit or fat? Are you currently addressing this issue?

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