Our Mission

To get Pugs happier and healthier!

How we Got OUR Pugs Healthier?

Following the most actionable and EASY steps to take care of Pugs at home!

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Who we are

We are Pug Parents by passion! We opened PugsClub.org to share with you the best possible techniques edited by seasoned Vets.

What changed our lives?

Although we still visit our vet, some years ago we realized that taking care of our Pugs at home was easier than we thought.

What do you get?

Following our very EASY (and Proven) STEPS, you will be able to get your Pug healthier and happier at home!

What’s the catch?

Transparency FIRST!…If you order some products through the links provided we may earn some commissions that will help us support this website to make more informative content and product reviews just FOR YOU!…another Pug Parent just like us!

No hidden goals here! Just relax and enjoy it!