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Pug Mixes – The Basics

Are you scared of getting a beautiful Pug-mix because it might be sickly? Yeah, some of us were, too.

As owners, as families, as thoughtful persons, we want what is best for the ones we love and ourselves; and that includes the best pet.

If you’re trying to find out more about Pug Mix; guess what? You are at the right place!

Here at, we are real Pug-lovers. That’s why we embrace all of the dogs with a slight Pug-ness due to mixing. But what exactly is a mixed Pug? Is it a good idea to get one?

If you’re trying to find out more about Pug Mix; guess what? You are at the right place!

Here at, we are really Pug-lovers. That’s why we embrace all of the dogs with a slight Pug-ness due to mixing. But, what exactly is a mixed pug?

“This DNA-testing–based evidence shows that while mixed breed dogs are in fact less likely than purebreds to develop the recessive disorders evaluated in the study, they may still be carriers.”

AVMA – American Veterinary Medical Association

You see, whenever there is a cross between a Pug and another breed, a Pug Mix is born. Most of the time, you’ll be getting a dog with all the best qualities of Pugs, and all the best qualities of the other breed paired together in one dog.

For some people, this is a bad practice due to the alteration of the standard Pug. For breed-protecting purposes, we totally agree.

However, we also recognize that all breeds come from mixing due to the influence of humans.

Besides, since Pugs have tons of weak spots, a mix between completely healthy and able-bodied dogs is not bad if the resulting dog is better.

We are also aware that some people do the mixing under the wrong circumstances and awful practices that endanger the dog’s parents somehow. That, the inhumane practices, is the part that we do not support.

You will not find any of that here! With that being said, welcome to our website, and get ready to learn the truth about the Pug Mix!

Top Ten Pug Mixes: Discover PROS and CONS!

Pug Mix Breeds

Many different Mix Breeds have been appearing over the last years because of the popularity of designer dogs.

Some of them are pretty famous, like our beloved Pugsky, which is the right example of a mix that works completely.

You see, the good Pug Mix Breeds are the ones that fill the weaknesses of Pugs, like their brachycephalic skull, and turn it into a much better version.

The Pugsky has a slightly elongated snout, which nearly eliminates the problem. They also are prone to have pointy ears, which lowers the risk of yeast infections.

Since the Pug is the imperfect of the two breeds, he benefits the most from the mix.

Still, there are some breeds we don’t really agree with, like the Chihuahua Pug . Why? Because some bad practices go along with those specific Pug Mix dogs.

E.g.: the Chihuahua dam has to get a C-section because Chihuahua Pug puppies are too big. This mix is also part of the search for the Teacup Pug, which is a “cute” mess.

That’s why you’ll find here all the info you need to support the good Pug Mixes, like the Pugbull or the Puggle, and ignore the bad ones.

Pug Mixed Puppies.

Pug Mix Puppies are, well, a deep matter that you need to study before trying to get a Pug Mix, and here is why.

All breeds have specific traits that are the key to identify if they meet the standard. Of course, those breeds and their respective puppies come from parents (sire and dam) of the same breed. That makes all the desired traits more possible due to similar genetics.

If you pair two black dogs, it’s more possible that you get black puppies. The same happens with desired traits, health, and possible proneness to any condition. Do you see where we’re getting at?

When you’re looking for Pug puppies, you need to do a fair amount of research to know Pugs and their standard. However, in the case of Pug Mix puppies, you need to do it twice; one research for Pug traits, and one for the other breed.

Pairing that with knowledge about the quality of both parent dogs and you’ll have everything you need to determine if a certain Pug Mix puppy is right for you.

Also, if Pug Mix Puppies haven’t been born yet, you get a first peek at the dog you might get and the right traits to look for. You need to nail this and follow the same process to pick a regular Pug, too.

“While genetics can contribute to how dogs respond to different situations, it is certainly not the only determinant, nor is it necessarily the most important one.”

AVMA (atwork) – American Veterinary Medical Association

Pug Mix Puppies for sale.

“Where can I find Pug Mix Puppies for sale near me?”

“Where can I find Pug Mix Puppies for sale near me?” Have you asked yourself that question? We’re not going to lie; the answer is rather tricky.

You see, this depends on where you are. There are certain places all around the USA where you can find Pug Mix Puppies for sale. Still, knowing if your hometown is one of them is not easy.

The best place to ask around is at the vet, which is much easier if you are an experienced owner with a good relationship with its vet. He can give you access to good breeders so you might find your next Pug Mix Puppies for sale.

Also, adoption centers and rescue centers where you can lend a hand to a dog in need. If this doesn’t sound like the right option for you, keep on reading.

Getting a Pug Mix Puppy for sale is easier online. Even though it seems riskier for some, following our tips to buy Pug puppies online you can sort the good breeders to make a better choice.

You’ll need to pay attention to all the details about the breeder, the dogs, and other overlooked ones, like living conditions, early socialization, and even the food puppies are given.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to keep your sources local, as it will make it easier to visit the dogs!

“Not only it is physical activity, but it’s mental stimulation for your dog to smell, see and hear beyond the limits of your yard”

AVMA – American Veterinary Medical Association

What about adult Pug mix for sale?

Well, these are harder to find for sale. It’s much more possible to find them in rescue homes or at adoption centers. There are many reasons for this.

It happens a lot that people buy them and a few months later they find out that maybe getting a dog was not a good idea. This happens more than you might think!

Here at, we think that every Pug deserves a loving home to thrive. Especially dogs someone else didn’t want or love!

You can find stray dogs or senior mixed Pugs at the same places to be re-homed. If you know the advantage of having a senior dog, and you’re looking for an adult Pug Mix for sale, then you can go straight to those places (anywhere you are, really), and look for one lucky and grumpy pupper.

What are the best Pug Mixes?

As we mentioned, there are good and bad Pug Mixes. Among the Best Pug Mixes, you’ll find always the same names because they seem to be the most successful. Check them out here!

# 1 – Pugsky

Pugsky is our favorite one. It pairs a strong and smart Husky with a couch potato with an amazingly kind heart like the Pug. Win-win!

# 2 – Puggle

The Pug Beagle or Puggle has earned a place in our hearts because it pairs a mischievous and energetic Beagle, with one of the laziest of dogs.

The result is a very balanced and well-behaved playful buddy.

# 3 – Jack Russel Pug

Another Pug Mix with a highly active breed with tons of energy to spend and one of the highest doggie IQ among them all; the Jack Russell Terrier.

The result from this one is a much more active and work-oriented dog than the Puggle. Awesome if you have a lot of space to watch them bolt!

# 4 – PugBull (not BullPug!)

When the mighty, strong, and friendly Pit-bull meets a Pug, the result is an amazing dog that’s able to be the perfect training partner (with better legs than yours without hitting the gym!).

# 5 – German Shepherd Pug

This breed is incredibly cute. It’s one of the mixes that can result in a Pug with longer hair. They’re usually taller and more athletic, and retain most of the cuteness without the brachycephalic skull.

# 6 – Porgi

With the strong similarities between these two breeds, the Corgi and the Pug blend in this interesting mix that is twice as kind, slightly more active, and with a less squishy face.

Additionally, the longer legs in Pugs also complement the short ones Corgis have.

# 7 – Poxer

The Boxer and the Pug meet to create a tall, energetic, running dog. The Pug Mix Puppies that come from this union are cute, have slightly more elongated bodies, and are slimmer.

They need tons of playtime and outdoor exploring every day. However, this is not as good as the others because it doesn’t completely solve the brachycephalic skull.

# 8 – Pomapug

The Pomeranian is one of the cutest breeds out there, as well as our beloved Pug. So yes, you guessed it, this one is a cute Pug Mix, especially when they are puppies.

However, they need a good trainer or experienced owner because of Pomeranian’s “singing voice”. They do love to bark!

# 9 – Pugapoo

The Pug Poodle or Pugapoo has an interesting look. With the color of Pugs, the hair of a Poodle, and a slightly improved snout, this mix has some advantages.

Plus, the good heart of Pugs is always there. This mix is especially good if the selected type of Poodle is taller.

“Styles of maternal care result in the preferred form of attachment. Treatment may need to begin with restructuring owner behavior.”

Dr. Daniel Mills – Professor of veterinary behavioral medicine in the University Of Lincoln, England.

Frequently Asked Questions – Pug Mixes

Which is the best Pug-mix?

Just like with regular dog breeds, finding the perfect Pug-mix is a thing you should figure out assessing your own situation.
Think about where you live, is it a big place, is it hot or cool, if you have a lot of time to play/exercise, and the type of life you can give your desired dog.
After that, check out the different Pug mixes and get the one that suits you better!

What’s better, Pugs or Pug-mixes?

That’s a tricky one. Pugs are lovely, and they have specific-to-the-breed traits. However, Pug-mixes are the best of Pugs and other breeds.
Depending on which is the mixed breed, you’ll get a dog with interesting traits that you might prefer or not. It’s once again a matter of hairy-mate needs.

How much does a Pug-mix cost?

On average, the cost of a Pug-mix is around $500-$1500 USD. Again, this depends on other factors such as ironically, the pedigree of the fathering breeds, and where you are.

Are Pug mixes unhealthy?

This depends on the other breed that’s mixed with a Pug. Generally, dogs with superior physical traits to those of Pugs make better Pug Mixes. A clear example of this is the Pugsky (Husky – Pug mix).
On the other hand, dogs with inferior or similar physical traits to those of Pugs result in a Pug mix that’s unhealthy and has worsened issues. A bad example of this is the Bull-Pug (Bulldog – Pug mix).

Conclusion – Pug Mixes

Most of the Pug mixes are good to improve Pugs and lacking traits of the other breed, and you must consider them when you’re trying to get a Pug.

Nevertheless, it’s also vital to know that the dog you’re getting is in the best conditions and comes from a well-reputed breeder. Avoid all fishy business!

Additionally, you must know that adopting a Pug mix is not something to be ashamed of. After all, it’s not their fault that bad breeders exist! Instead, they need a home anyways, and if you can share yours with them, they’ll share their unconditional love with you as well.

Of course, we don’t recommend that you try to breed them either! So, are you getting Pug Mix Puppies?

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