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Long-Haired Pug. Is it natural? Everyone has the common image of pugs having short hair, but they are not the only type of pugs. Long haired pugs are among the most mysterious type of pugs there are. Some people say that they are actually a mixture of pugs with other breeds, like pugeranian/Pomapug, a Pomeranian mix with Pug. They are beautiful, but still, their pug-ness is lessened into a percentage of their DNA.

What is a Long-Haired Pug Mix?

This is yet to be proven because most of the reported long-haired pugs are purebred. This can also be explained by a mix of breeds that occurred somehow in past generations of the pug’s parents.  No matter what’s the real case; they do exist, and are rarely cute! 

But, now that you know they do exist, you might wonder… Are they better than regular Pugs?

“This DNA-testing–based evidence shows that while mixed breed dogs are in fact less likely than purebreds to develop the recessive disorders evaluated in the study, they may still be carriers.”

AVMA – American Veterinary Medical Association

Differences with Short-Haired Pugs

Short Haired Pugs.

As we’ve mentioned before, pugs with short hair are mostly double-coated, with an exception of at least 80% of black pugs that are single coated. Pugs are not well equipped to tolerate neither cold nor hot temperatures. And they certainly need a little bit of help staying in the right body temperature in extreme weather.

That’s why you’ll be in need of:

  • A coat for snowy days or places.
  • A cooling vest for Pugs for sunny days or hot places.

This does not depend highly on their coat, which in theory should help them withstand cold weathers at least because of the double coating. It does depend on their size! Unless they’re fat (and they shouldn’t), they can’t handle cold. And they can’t handle the heat because of their brachycephalic nature. Check-out our Pug Reviews for “cherry-picked” products!

Long-Haired Pug: PROS

On the other side, long-haired pugs are better equipped with more hair to withstand cooler temperatures a little bit more. This can also make the shedding a little bit less intense since hairy dogs actually shed a lot less. Still, the longer hair, in theory, can make them even worse at handling hot or humid temperatures. They should be alright in slightly above-average cool temperatures.

Still, you’ll need a couple of things for his hair to be on point:

They certainly require, not more care, but more love to look perfect for any occasion. Still, is not a good idea to forget about temperature; if your dog seems stressed about heat, or he’s trembling; then get him a coat or a vest! Check-out our Pug Reviews for “cherry-picked” products!

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Other long-haired Pug Mixes

You can also obtain an “improved” pug if you get a mix. Mixes like the Hug/Pugsky come with all the features of pugs plus the longer hair of Huskies. This also happens with the Pugapoo (poodles+pug), and the Shnug (schnauzer+pug). Learn more about the Pug mix here!

This is all about the physical traits; the soul part remains a pug!

Whether you have a long-haired pug or a short-haired one, a pug is always a pug. It has been reported by several owners of long-haired pugs that theirs is like most pugs. And that is clever, filled with love, and laziness. Are you ready to get one? What do you think about it?

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