Pomapug Mix! (Pomeranian Pug Mix) Discover PROS & CONS!

Pugs and Pomeranians are among the most famous and cute dogs ever, so, what would happen if a Pomeranian Pug Mix takes place? Learn more about them here!

What is a Pomeranian Pug mix?

PomaPugs are the results of a Pomeranian mix with Pug! The resulting dog will be a long-haired Pug celebrated because of its uncanny beauty! Here’s what they’ll inherit:

From Pugs:

  • Their loving soul and loyalty are the major qualities.
  • Also, the PomaPug mix will be very playful, adventurous, and calm at times like the Pug.
  • Social skills will be enhanced as well.

“This DNA-testing–based evidence shows that while mixed breed dogs are in fact less likely than purebreds to develop the recessive disorders evaluated in the study, they may still be carriers.”

AVMA – American Veterinary Medical Association

Physical qualities form Pugs:

From Pomeranians:

  • Higher energy levels. These will be twice as playful!
  • Sometimes they are barkers and will suffer from separation anxiety so some training may be needed in order to deal with these issues.

Physical qualities from Pomeranians:

  • Their coat type is predominant in most cases. It’s also a double coat so the mix will have just about the same grooming needs of Pugs.
  • Their ears are pointy and cute in most cases because of Pomeranians.
  • The size of PomaPugs is also dictated mostly by poms. Maybe slightly bigger than poms though.

Pomeranian Pug Mix: Traits

This is the ultimate crossbreed companion dog! It looks like if you put the face of a Pug on top of a teddy bear’s face. They are cute, energetic, playful, curious, and great for kids. Their energy levels are improved to withstand kids play longer than Pugs. Because of that kids love them! Another great thing is that this dog doesn’t require a huge space to thrive, so you can comfortably fit it into an apartment.

“Styles of maternal care result in the preferred form of attachment. Treatment may need to begin with restructuring owner behavior.”

Dr. Daniel Mills – Professor of veterinary behavioral medicine in the University Of Lincoln, England.

Pomeranian Pug Mix: Any downside?

As in most mixes, there are some troubles with bad genetics or temperaments that you need to be aware of. These are linked to the ones both breeds can have:

  • Pugs love you and so do Poms. A PomaPug is the mix of these two loving creatures. The thing is that if you left them behind for a sec, they might get really anxious. This is easily fixed by training though.
  • Some other common concerns regarding health are keratoconjunctivitis, skin allergies, eye problems, and some breathing problems related to the brachycephalic syndrome.

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How to Buy a Pomapug?

The Pomeranian mix with Pug is becoming more and more famous around the world. That’s why finding a breeder that crossbreds these two cuties is getting easier with time. What you must know first is:

  • Know Pugs.
  • Know Pomeranians; their physical traits, temperament, and healthcare.
  • Get to know your future Pug’s parents. You can never ask too much about them!
  • Check the puppy you want to get, too. The breeder should provide every piece of information about them.

After you check that everything is under control, buy this cute little mate to be your bestie, and start your new life together! So, what do you think about it?

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