Pug Dachshund Mix! Discover PROS & CONS!

The Pug Dachshund Mix is one of the most popular crosses between Pugs and other breeds nowadays. They have an interesting appearance, many good traits to consider, and a lot of the qualities from those breeds. That’s why they’ve been marketed as such a good companion for families with children. Still, there are a few more things that you should know about this mix that no ones telling you!

Here you’ll learn:

  • All about the Pug Dachshund Mix.
  • The downsides of owning this mixed dog.
  • And more interesting facts that you need to know to make a decision.

Also, we’ll show you some of the best items to get if you’re going to get one and plan to take good care of it. As we said, this mix is very popular; are you ready to discover why? Let’s get started!

Pug Dachshund Mix: How is this Mix?

The Pug Dachshund mix is one of the cutest, fairest, most friendly mixes of Pug you can get. They can get all the best traits we absolutely love from Pugs, and the best from Dachshund, which is a much more popular breed than our little pugsters! No wonder why this breed is getting so much love; they are lovely indeed. And all of that goes into the Pug Dachshund mix!

Still, a lot is going on with this mix that no one’s telling you. This breed is also loaded with many issues that make it a serious threat to your pocket and maybe yourself!

The answer to whether this mix is safe or not safe to get is easily found in the past of one of the parent breeds; the Dachshund. But we’ll get into that right ahead.

“This DNA-testing–based evidence shows that while mixed breed dogs are in fact less likely than purebreds to develop the recessive disorders evaluated in the study, they may still be carriers.”

AVMA – American Veterinary Medical Association

Pug Dachshund Temperament

Daugs are often marketed as friendly, loyal, kind, and loving to everyone around them. Still, these are the qualities you get from Pugs. From the Dachshund side, however, you get a dog that has had an interesting, action-filled past.

Dachshunds were used to hunt badgers and small rodents, as they were shaped perfectly to fit their holes. Those practices are less and less common, however, they retained some of those aggressive traits that used to be perfect in their career as hunters. It is known that Dachshunds are more prone to aggression to other pets, dogs, and humans than the average dog. They are also biters and barkers (making them great watchdogs with the multum parvo side of Pugs!).

Those traits, and the known stubbornness of Pugs, make them a novelty to trainers. You must socialize them a lot and train them to avoid aggressiveness as soon as you get them.

Pug Dachshund Mix Physical traits

The appearance of the Pug Dachshund mix is rather peculiar, as they inherit traits from breeds that are completely different both in looks and personality. The Daug, as it’s also called, will possibly be short in height, of a long body, and a snout longer than Pug’s flat face. They will also get the black mask of Pugs and from both breeds an interesting set of coat colors and length that makes it even more exciting.

On the Dachshund side, they get Red, Tan, and Dark colors, along with short, long, and wavy variations of coat types. And from Pugs, they get Fawn, Silver Fawn, and Black. This will give your Pug Dachshund a fashionable appearance that will steal some looks!

The Desired Pug Dachshund

Many issues go unnoticed in the past description though. The best version of Pug Dachshund Mixes will be:

  • Of longer legs: Legs similar to those of Pugs are much better to get in them, as short legs eventually cause a lot of joint and back issues. Dachshunds are prone to Patellar luxation, back issues with herniated discs, and like Pugs, to suffer from hind legs paralysis.
  • Of longer snouts: Pug’s flat faces are an interesting and cute appeal of the breed, and also their doom! This is due to the Brachycephalic syndrome, which causes protruded eyes, breathing issues (which can be fatal), and other issues like allergies that will disrupt their quality of life. If their snout is longer as thof Dachshunds, they won’t have as many issues.
  • Of shorter hair: Pugs have double coats and shed a lot. If you pair that with the long coat of a Dachshund they will look cute, yes, but your house will be covered in doggy fur! To avoid it, get a Pug Dachshund Mix that has short hair, and possibly, black coat, as at least 80% of black Pugs have single coats, which is easier to maintain.

Other recommendations are that you get all the information you can about the dog’s origins, parents, and as many tests as you can from the breeder. This will save you a lot of time and pain while taking care of your future new puppy.

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Pug Dachshund Mix care

Pugs require a lot of care and Dachshunds too, making this mix a challenge not everyone can take. Depending on the traits they inherit, they will require:

  • Constant deshedding: If they get the double coat from Pugs.
  • Nail trimming: Pug’s nails grow faster!
  • at Plenty exercise: If they are slightly more energetic like Dachshunds.
  • Tons of toys! Especially if they suffer from separation anxiety.
  • The best food: This can vary between good food to keep them energized and good food to keep them lean.

Along with all the good tips to take care of Pugs , you’ll need to avoid rough play, to avoid jumping (if they have short legs), and avoid stairs. These are all enemies of Dachshunds!

Pug Dachshund Mix Training

The Pug Dachshund Mix is, as we said, a challenge for trainers and new owners. Just like Pugs, they will be rather stubborn. And just like Dachshunds, they will be easily distracted, especially when surrounded by a lot of stimuli (cars, animals, people). This can make them hard to train. Again, you can use the weakness of Pugs for delicious treats to get this done!

You’ll have to pay special attention to aggressive traits, crate training, socialization, and to give them a lot of introduction into new stimuli (like cars, kids, and high-pitched common sounds).


The Daug is certainly not the perfect Pug mix. However, even though they have bad inherited traits from the Dachshund that don’t improve the Pug, there are a few traits that do and are of utmost importance. The brachycephalic skull, for example, is eliminated in most of them, so that’s a win. Also, they have improved energy levels that help a lot with keeping this mix lean, something that is hard to achieve with Pugs.

Finally, you need to know that this mix will be a challenge to both new and experienced owners, as many factors will require a lot of attention. Still, this mix sits at a grey area that is more acceptable than others, like the English Bulldog Pug mix.

So, are you ready to get your wiener Pug?

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