Pug German Shepherd Mix! Discover PROS & CONS!

A Pug German Shepherd Mix or Shugs is one of the best mixes you can get with a little bit of Pug in them. This interesting cross between very different dogs is highly sought after because of the barely existing issues it has, and the many benefits you can harness from this mix. Of course, there would be benefits from mixing a valiant and strong German Shepherd, with the kindness and loyalty of Pugs. In this article you’ll find:

  • All the information you need to know about the Pug German Shepherd Mix.
  • Shug facts, appearance, and how to identify one (it can be rather hard!)
  • And more interesting tips and goodies you could use if you get one.

After reading this article you’ll know why we do support this particular mix and why it’s obviously one of our favorite ones. Also, you’ll get the best product recommendations and tips to keep your Pug German Shepherd Mix as healthy as you can with little to medium care. Let’s get started!

“The German Shepherd breed over the years has served in many different capacities: police dog, guide dog, guard dog, war dog, explosives- and narcotics-detection dog, search-and-rescue dog, show dog, and most notably as a shepherding dog. Developed primarily for the purpose of guarding and herding a shepherd’s flocks, there have been few other breeds with such a versatile repertoire.”

Pet MD

What is a Pug German Shepherd Mix?

As you already know, this dog is the result of mixing a German Shepherd with a Pug. There’s little to no history behind this mix since one of them – the German Shepherd – is rather new. Still, there’s a lot of history behind each breed and we will look into it instead.

German Shepherd dogs were created in the late 1800 and perfected in 1899. They were created using Shepherd dogs from different breeds, recognized for their working nature and endurance. The result was a dog that could be used for military and police purposes. As a result, they were used in WWI, as field companion for German soldiers. They were also used to attack their enemies and to transport supplies amid combat. That’s why you can expect them to be obedient, to have high endurance, and to be easily adaptable to different environments. 

Pugs, on the other hand, were royalty – of course!- , and were treated as such by Chinese emperors. They were the go-to lapdog and companionship dogs, often guarded as luxurious items. From them, you can expect laziness, playfulness, and extreme loyalty. They will love you and try to please you no matter what. Learn more about the origin of Pugs here.

As you can guess, the mixing of both breeds is a great idea to obtain a very balanced dog that can meet the standard of any owner.

Physical traits of a Pug German Shepherd Mix

The appearance of a German Shepherd Pug or Shug is interesting always. They have the cutest traits of Pugs and the better bodies of the mighty German Shepherd. Some of the common traits are:

  • A round head, black mask, big eyes, and floppy ears (Pugs): Those are the main traits they will receive from Pugs. There’s also a chance that they’ll receive a curly tail, but it will also be longer due to German Shepherd’s genes. In some cases, the brachycephalic skull will also be present, but this is not common.
  • A bigger, leaner, and more muscular body (GS): They will also receive pointy ears and more stocky builds from Pugs. Another important trait is the longer snout.

Their size is anything between 18 to 50 pounds and a height of 10 to 15 inches in both males and females. Also, their coats can be short, long, or wavy, similar to one of the German Shepherds. Since apricot is the most common and black is the most dominant color gene in Pugs, those are the two main colors you would see in a Pug German Shepherd Mix. Still, there are different patterns they can get from German Shepherd genes. Usually, the black mask is present.

“This DNA-testing–based evidence shows that while mixed breed dogs are in fact less likely than purebreds to develop the recessive disorders evaluated in the study, they may still be carriers.”

AVMA – American Veterinary Medical Association

The temperament of a Pug German Shepherd Mix

This mix will receive important personality traits from both breeds. Still, everything is mostly reduced to the parents of a specific dog and their personalities.

  • From Pugs, they will get a kind nature, a loving heart, and an incredible amount of loyalty just for you and your family. They also get a lot of laziness!
  • From German Shepherds, they will get a boost in their intelligence, their obedience, and their trainability. Also, their energy levels are much improved.

It’s important to note that this dog is not aggressive in nature, and it doesn’t inherit this from any of the parent breeds. Still, since the parents of each specific dog will be different, this might vary.

Personality issues of a Pug German Shepherd Mix

As it’s expected, some personality issues can be inherited by any dog. The important ones to look after in this mix are:

  • Separation anxiety and stubbornness (From Pugs)
  • Hyperactivity, easy to get bored, and excessive chewing to release energy (From German Shepherds)

For this mix, crate training, socialization, housebreaking, and obedience are as important as in any dog. You should pay attention to those areas of his training as soon as he’s with you!

Health and care of a Shug

Contrary to what you may think, the Shug doesn’t have major issues that should concern you at all times. Still, this doesn’t mean the dog is perfect in any way. Some of the common concerns about this mix are:

  • Brachycephalic issues: If they inherit the skull of Pugs or a similar version (which is rather rare), this can cause issues with their breathing. Still, they are prone to have longer snouts, so it wouldn’t be exactly as a Pug, and the issues wouldn’t be that great.
  • Shedding: This mix can inherit their coats from Pugs, which is a heavy shedder, so you’ll need to take care of him constantly so this doesn’t become an issue in your house. Check out the best brushes for Pugs here!
  •  Obesity: If you get a Shug with the energy levels and the small bodies of Pugs, obesity is an issue that he may develop. Check out our selection of foods to keep Pugs lean; they will help you to keep him on check!

Even though this mix doesn’t have as many issues as a Pug, the dog will need a full care routine. Check out the best practices and tips here!

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We love this Pug mix because it’s one of the few mixes that doesn’t make the issues of Pugs worse. Instead, with the strong, well-developed, and athletic body of German Shepherd, the Shug can overcome many of the issues they get from Pugs. For Shugs, issues like a brachycephalic skull, weak back, and joints, are a highly lessened version – if they are present, which is rare as well.

For that reason, we love this mix, and we do believe that if you want a mixed Pug, this should be one of your main options.

So, do you want to get a Shug?

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