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Pugs Nails Care – Why?

Did you know that while your Pug nails may seem to just be made of keratin, like our nails, the center of them is actually full of nerves and blood vessels? This is called the quick and is the living part of the nail.

Are you paying attention to your Pug’s nails? Learn how to trim them safely at home. No need to spend money on groomers. Avoid nail problems by keeping them well maintained!

So, why should you take care of your Pug’s nails?

  • They might grow faster than other breed’s nails. This is because Pugs are not naturally active dogs. Running and walking on many different surfaces help to file down the nails naturally, but Pugs were not made for running a lot!
  • They can cause many paw issues. Nails naturally grow in a curved manner, so if you leave them uncut, they may curve around into your Pug’s paw. Also, the longer they are, the easier it is to catch them and cause trauma.
  • You can do this at home and with professional results!

Gain the confidence to trim your Pug’s nails following our Practical (and Easy) Steps, avoid all of the issues caused by long nails. Let’s get started!

Pug Nails Problems (and HOW to avoid them)

Sore Paws:

The paws of your Pug can become sore if they have excessively long nails. How? Their long nails curl around and grow into the paws which are very painful. Long nails can also put extra strain on each toe, which in the long run might lead to arthritis developing.

Toe Trauma:

Long nails can easily get caught in places, causing a twisting of the toe. In extreme cases, this can even lead to toe fractures and dislocations. Keeping the nails short will help prevent this.

How Often Should I Cut My Pug Nails

Because of problems already mentioned, and the fast growth of Pug’s nails, you need to trim them every two or three weeks. The nails should not naturally rest on the floor. If they do, then you should try to cut them shorter.

PRO Tip: If your Pug’s nails are too long, just trim a small amount. You must be careful not to cut a lot at a time because it might risk cutting the quick in the middle. This causes the nail to bleed and be uncomfortable. Repeat the process every week until nails are at the desired length. Every 2- or 3-weeks trimming should be sufficient thereafter.

“Regular nail maintenance is more than cosmetic. Unhealthy nails can cause pain and, in rare instances, trigger irreversible damage to the dog.”

AKC – American Kennel Club.

How To Cut Pug Nails: Practical (And Easy) STEPS

  1. Take him to a quiet (and safe) place: A quiet room where you can both be relaxed is very important. Put him in your lap or over a counter where he can’t wriggle too much. If he is tense, it will make your job much harder.
  2. Put everything you may need close to you: All you need is one of our selected quality clippers for Pugs, some cotton balls, some hypoallergenic cleansing wipes for Pugs, a nail file, a silver nitrate stick (just in case) and a chew toy to keep him interested while trimming his nails.
  3. Start cutting carefully: You must stop trimming before cutting the quick. Cut small portions each time (this is easier to do if you use a trimmer with a quick guard). If your Pug has clear nails, you will easily be able to see the quick as it is the pink bit in the middle. If he has black nails, you might find it easier to turn his paw upside down, to try to visualize the quick from the underside.
  4. Bring in the File! If you are worried you are close to the quick, gently file the nail until you reach the proper length of the nail.
  5. Cut one nail at the time and follow the measure: Once you find the right length, use the same measure for the other nails on that paw. Remember the quicks of the front paws and the back paws are often different in lengths. The back paws are usually shorted. You will do it faster once you’re experienced.
  6. Proceed the same with the other paws: Always take into account the length you left in the other nails.
  7. Reward your friend! Give your well-behaved Pug plenty of hugs and kisses and a special treat for Pugs! This will help her/him feel that the whole experience is positive and fun.
pug nails

Pro Tips:

  • The main tip is to make trimming a normal activity. You will have an advantage if you start doing this while your Pug is a puppy.
  • You must keep your cool at all times. If you’re not confident about doing it, the dog will sense this! You wouldn’t let a doctor perform surgery on you if he looks nervous, would you? 
  • Use only a scissor-type of dog clipper because other types can harm his nails by crushing them. You must keep him comfortable as long as you’re trimming, so choose the best equipment for doing it. You can find our Best Nail Trimmers for Pugs here!
  • You must never cut the nail to the base! Your Pug’s nails have a fleshy center inside called the quick, which is full of blood vessels and nerves. This will be extremely painful for him!
  • If you accidentally cut the quick, you must never panic, because this will scare your dog and make him feel like he’s at fault. Instead, use silver nitrate sticks to stop the bleeding immediately. If you don’t like the smell of silver nitrate, you can also use other coagulants, such as styptic or even cornstarch. Failing that, you can apply pressure with a cotton ball for five minutes to stop the bleeding.

A nail grinder as an alternative of nail clippers…or you can use just a File!

Grinders are not magical tools because your Pug can still be afraid of them. Regardless of this, they are a lot easier to use than clippers, even though you can still grind to the quick. The Pecute Pet Nail Grinder (Amazon) is a top-quality option, which has a thick diamond grindstone and powerful motor. It has a 2-speed design: 6,000 RPM for trimming accurately, 6800 RPM for quickly grinding. You can choose an appropriate speed according to the hardness of pet nails ensuring a safe and quick grinding for your loved pets. It also has a great price!

Discover Useful Products To Cut Pug Nails!

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  1. Grooming Wipes for Pugs: There are some top-notch options out there! They come in several variants, including Allergen Blocker wipes. They are superb for keeping your Pug smelling nice and keeping clean between baths!
  2. Nail Trimmer for Pugs: they must be easy to use, have safety features, lasting sharp blades, and a comfortable grip.
  3. Treats for Pugs: they are always good resources for training!
  4. Pecute Pet Nail Grinder (Amazon)

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Frequently Asked Questions – Clipping Pug Nails

Can I let my Pug’s nails grow endlessly if we take walks every day?

Active dogs can grind down their nails naturally to an adequate length, but Pugs are rarely active enough to do this.

What’s the worst-case scenario if I cut my pug’s nail quick?

It would bleed a lot and be very sore. You can easily treat it at home by stemming the bleeding and keeping it clean. It would then heal in about three days. If you still think the wound looks sore, take your Pug to the vet.

How to gain the confidence to clip my pug’s nails at home?

First, act naturally, like if you’ve done this your whole life. Second, stop thinking so much and follow our Steps. Ultimately, practice will give you all the experience you need.


As you can see, keeping your Pug’s nails at a suitable length is a task easily done by yourself. However, the most important tip we can give you is to have confidence. Secondly, have the right instruments to do it. And of course, even though we’re trying to avoid errors, always be prepared for them. After all, your Pug’s safety is what matters. Once you follow our steps, clipping his nails will be a natural task that you and your Pug will undergo confidently.

Are you ready to follow our encouraging steps to clip nails at home? Please share your thoughts…

Dr. Joanna De Klerk

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