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If you came here trying to find useful information about pug puppies, you came to the right place. They are among our favorite topics to write about –no wonder why.

Pug puppies are among the cutest of all puppies being born with a funny squashed face and huge eyes. They are the first stage of the breed’s overall growth. Many of the things that you do with them in this phase are going to change him until he reaches his prime. As a result, not only it’s important to protect them from harm, but also to provide them with the right care for them to flourish into a fine balanced dog. This is easy to do when you love pugs and treat them like your kids.

However, the first phase of your relationship with a pug doesn’t happen when he’s a puppy. Unless you breed your pugs, your first contact happens when you obtain one. We’re pretty sure that for every person, there are a few pug puppies out there looking for a home. It could be near you without you even knowing!

Pug puppies for sale near me.

The pug puppy market is a rather crowded place.

That’s why, depending on where you are, you may find a breeder that’s great to obtain your puppies from. If not, we can recommend you to refrain from the idea. Why? Because pug puppies for sale from breeders that don’t apply the right breeding methods, are not always the best dogs.

We’re not talking about aggressiveness or other negative trait that you may find in a dog (although we could). Most of the times, even though they were bred using improper methods, pug puppies still have a beautiful soul. They still need a home.

However, we’re talking mostly about the health of the dog you’re getting. Since pugs are of moderate maintenance, it’s hard to tell if they will have good health if the breeder doesn’t show you proper lab tests and genetic screening.

Not all pug puppies from sale are worth buying if you want to protect your investment in a good companionship. You need to focus on getting quality instead of a good price. If you’re doing this out of your good will, then go ahead.

Black pug puppies for sale.

pug puppies

You can find pug puppies almost anywhere in the world, however, black pug puppies are harder to find. Due to breeding programs, it’s easier to find fawn puppies, which is rather discouraging to know if you’re trying to find a black one. However, don’t give up hope. You see, black puppies are rather rare even though they are what should be the most common type of pug. You can still run into a black pug puppy occasionally. People don’t have as much black pugs because breeders decide not to breed black pugs. But they are the same! They don’t require any extra care from you, just a loving home and tons of attention. For some reasons, they can even be more convenient than pugs of other colors.

If you really want a black puppy, then you can look for them online, because it’s the easiest way to find them around you. In addition, they are usually priced higher than other types of pug because they are “rare”. If you run into a breeder that charges you more for a black pug, then you can still say no or haggle the price a little bit. If they’re not sold, their price goes down because the dog is still growing. This can be a risky move though because if the breeder runs out of pugs so do you.

Pug puppies for adoption.

Against common belief, pug puppies for adoption in shelters are also a possibility for you to get your dreamed dog. Most of the times, pugs in shelters come from owners that couldn’t keep them. They are not that common though. If you want to adopt a pug in the US, you can always contact some of the organizations that are strategically distributed across the country.

They are not hard to find and usually they will provide you with proper information on the pug’s background. However, it’s important to note that getting a purebred dog or a dog in great condition is harder to achieve when adopting. Getting them in the puppy years is also difficult.  You can still get a very balanced dog though. You’ll need to follow the right guidelines to determine a good dog from a dog that will cause issues in the future, or, once again, act purely by heart and give the pug a home anyways!

Pug’s rescues are also a possibility. This is something we usually recommend just for experienced owners that know how to take care of a dog. Why? Because they are dogs that have been rescued from horrible conditions that probably affected the way they socialize now. Because of that, you should always proceed carefully.

Teacup pug puppies.

Teacup pug puppies have some controversy behind them. They are the least recommended type of pugs you can get. Why? Here you have some valuable reasons:

  • They often come from a inhumane breeding process.
  • They can have serious health issues.
  • Even though they are not the best, their price is usually high.
  • They don’t have long lives.

Teacup pugs are cute, we can’t deny that. But they are a cute mess that doesn’t need to happen. That’s why we don’t endorse any owner that wants to keep the teacup-designer puppy industry going.

White pug puppies for sale.

White pug puppies are a type of pug that’s often followed by a trail of controversy. They are always admired in social media, however, those post don’t usually show the secret behind them being white. There are several types of white pugs. Some of them are fine to have, but others might need special care that not everybody can provide. Inform yourself properly before getting one.

Or, you can always get a pug from another color. There are fawn pugs, silver pugs, apricot pugs, the already mentioned black pug, and the controverted brindle pug. Any of them can become a great pet with the proper care. However, you must always pay attention to the considerations of having a certain type of pug. The color of your pug may be cute, but it might stop you from participating in official Kennel Club contests. If you don’t like dogs shedding a lot, the black one might be the best.

Most importantly, you need to understand that the color of a pug does not actually change his personality traits in any way. A pug will still be a pug regardless of his color!

Pug mix – Puggle mixes.

pug puppies
Image by ifd_Photography from Pixabay

Pug mix puppies, like the Puggle mix, are also a famous variation of pugs. They are the result of mixing a pug with any other feasible breed. For example, the Puggle mix is the result of mixing a Pug and a Beagle.

A pug mix can be a very interesting pet to have depending on your perspective and the purpose of the resulting dog. Usually, they are simple pets. There are a few benefits that can result from mixing breeds, but there’s also a dark side to the practice. It’s always said that the best traits from both breeds are a possibility. In the case of the Puggle mix, Beagles are a great solution to the pug’s short muzzle. It’s possible that they will get a slightly longer muzzle, allowing them to breathe better. Paired with the energy of the Beagle and the playfulness of the Pug, the resulting dog will be very active and great with kids.

There are a ton of different mixes. Some of the most famous ones are the Hug or Pugsky (Pug x Husky), Pugbull (Pug x Pitbull), the Pomapug (Pug x Pomeranian), and the Poxer (Pug x Boxer). All of the different breeds can provide pugs with their best traits to fill out the weak spots a pug may have. Usually, the energy levels, coat length, muzzle, and athletics are always improved when the mix occur.

However, you cannot dismiss the downside of having a pug mix, even though the same downsides don’t always apply. Is it inhumane or not? Check out our post and decide for yourself!

So, are you getting your one or more pug puppies? Leave us your comments!

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