If you’re looking to get a pug puppy, there are a few important decisions you must take in order to make the best out of this important event. The color, gender, the purity of the bloodline, and sometimes even their price are important decisions. Your final resolution will affect the rest of your life with your new pet, and the quality of both your lives too.  Even though some of the aspects might seem trivial, they can affect various things:

  • The health of your pet.
  • Their lifespan.
  • Their personality.
  • Whether they can participate in official shows or meet KC standards.
  • And their overall development as dogs.

None of them needs to be underestimated, because thinking about every aspect is often the safest way of ensuring your pet will be the best.

Here at PugsClub.org, we worry about your beloved pugs up to the last detail. We can even help you out pick their names. Their prices and background are often overlooked by most owners that fell in love with their pups. However, we can ensure that it’s not the best method.

 Let’s get started!