How long do pugs live on average?

How long do Pugs live? What is Pug Lifespan? Like some of us parents, you might have the persistent thought that reminds you of a simple question; how long is your pug going to live? Like many dogs in the toy-sized category, the average pug lifespan is 11-15 years. That might not seem like a lot to you, but actually, it is for your dog!

“Contrary to popular belief, dogs do not age at a rate of 7 human years for each year in dog years”

AVMA – American Veterinary Medical Association

How Long Do Pugs Live? Pug Lifespan Chart

how long do pugs live

As you can see, they have a very different growth rate than that of humans. Pugs grow much faster. They can weigh up to 2 to 4 pounds when they’re 6 to 8 weeks old, and then in a couple of months weigh in between 7 and 12 pounds.

They spend most of their time sleeping when they are newborns and will be slightly more active when they’re 8 weeks old. Between the 3rd to the 6th month of life, they will go through the teething phase and puberty. Males can already impregnate females at this stage, even though this is not recommended.

How long do pugs live on average?

Actually, “their first year of life is fifteen in human years, so, after a year you’ll be living with energetic teenagers”. When they reach their 9th month, some pug puppies will have their grown-up size, but some of them will get there exactly when they hit their first year of life.

Between their first year and third year, pugs will be full-grown and serious (Nah, never serious) adults already. By the time they reach 5 years, they’ll be entering middle age, and this is where things start to slow down. They are still muscular and in prime condition for many things. However, they might get grumpier and less tolerant of noises.

pug lifespan

“…definition of canine and feline obesity as 30 percent above ideal weight”

AVMA – American Veterinary Medical Association

Now, for some reason, their growth slows down a lot to enter the seniority, which they reach when they turn 9 years old (this varies for some of them). “You’ll notice that your pug isn’t as energetic as he used to, and starts to sleep more. This doesn’t mean he’ll stop being playful, because they’re always young at heart!

However, this also depends on your dog’s personality. Those are the golden years of your pug, so you’ll need to be more patient and loving with that old grumpy pug grandpa. Once he hits this age, you need to take him to the vet to reschedule all his diet, for a healthcare check, and for vet’s advice.

How Long Do Pugs Live? But…What About Mine??

Determining the actual lifespan of a specific pug is impossible. Still, it is possible to calculate an estimate of the number. For that, you need to consider:

  • Parents.
  • Genetic tests.
  • Overall health: This includes many specific points to look after.

Let’s get right into the calculation.

Pug Parents

The parents of your pug are the starting point because most of the time, the quality of their bloodline will determine the overall health of your pug. The common knowledge is that if the bloodline is pure, the resulting pug from that match will be the healthiest (in theory). If both of the parents lived past the 12-year mark with moderate care, you can know almost for certain, that your pug will live the same amount. Still, the same applies to the opposite; if his parents just lived for 8 years with moderate care, your pug is most lightly to reach that cap as well.

Now, even though the parent’s lifespan is highly important, the really important part is their health. Notice the words “with moderate care”. If you give your pug all the care he actually needs, he can surpass the 15-year mark in great shape. So, if you know that the parents lived only five years with poor care, then you can surely balance the equation with all the right care.

Pug Genetic tests

When we refer to the parents, we can only assess genetic through sight. However, genetic tests are the “facts” of our assessment. Even if your pug looks healthy, lab genetic screening will let you peek at the issues he may or may not develop, as he grows old. More importantly, this will let you foresee what he’s prone to develop.

Conditions like allergies, back issues, skin issues and more can be seen with these screenings if they are hereditary. The good thing is that, if you know exactly what your pug’s issues are or will be, then you can prevent the issues from “appearing out of the blue”.

If you know that your pug is allergic to something, you can eliminate the existence of that in your house. If you know that your pug is prone to have back issues, you limit or modify the amount and type of exercises he’ll do. That will ultimately lead to a better lifestyle that adapts to his needs.

Pug Overall Health

How long do Pugs live? There are many things that directly affect your pug’s lifespan. They are determined by the genetics of your pugs. Still, there are some issues that are purely environmental, and that can definitely be avoided. If you dealt with the genetic proneness of your pug, you need to keep environmental issues in check at all times to extend his lifespan. Those particular issues are:

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  • Pug Obesity: One of the main issues of pugs. This is directly affected by the quality and amount of food you give him, plus the amount of exercise and activities he undergoes every day. It’s important to note that obesity is the major issue of pugs because it worsens many conditions that are part of the breed. For example, the brachycephalic skull cannot be avoided at all, still, if you keep your pug lean enough, he won’t have that much trouble with it. If he’s fat, he definitely will. You and only you can keep it in check because your pug is not responsible for what he eats and does!
  • Joint issues: Yes, pugs are slightly prone to have them. Still, you have a direct influence on this. If your pug is obese, he probably has weak joints. If your pug is lean and active, the risk is highly reduced. Still, the level of activity must be in balance as well since too much activity can also induce joint issues. It’s important to note that, even though joint issues are somehow caused by exercise, the lack of the later can cause obesity, which is much worse.
  • Pug Dental issues: If you give him food that is too hard on his teeth or avoid the “hassle” of taking care of his dental health, he might pay the ultimate price.
  • Pug Overheating and heat stroke: Both are caused by hot temperatures, too much activity, and lack of proper hydration; three things you can control!
  • Other problems: Skin issues, allergies, cancer, and infections. Some pugs are more prone to them, but all of these can be avoided with proper care and monthly vet-checks.
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By adding up all of these, you can come up with an estimate of your pug’s lifespan. As you probably know, some pugs with hereditary heart or neurological issues will live less. You can also help pugs like that to live as long as you can.

If you keep your pug with absolutely everything in check, then he’ll easily surpass the 15-year mark. This means that you’ll need to adjust to his needs depending on his age, and growing with him. It’s also vital to keep him safe from other dangers, like from aggressive dogs, from physical trauma, and much more that’s related to the daily life of a pug. This is not an easy task, but it’s not impossible either if you’re really committed to providing him with the best life he can get.

Will your dog enjoy his life?

This is, well, a heavy question. What’s a happy life for pugs? They are dogs that are always looking to please you in puppy-like manners. This means a lot of love, cuddles, playtime, and kisses. Also, they enjoy having treats every day, which is not very good for them (depending on the treats). So, as humans, it is our duty to provide them with the right care, but also to give them a balanced happy life. Keeping your pug healthy doesn’t turn his life into a military regime!

This means that, at least, one day of running around with your pug until your both exhausted or one greasy treat a month will kill neither of you, but it will make you both happy!


How long do Pugs live? Pugs are for us one of the most beautiful breeds that have ever existed. However, they come preset with a set of issues that may or may not develop their lifespan. But, is your pug a lucky one that will not develop the issues? Well, you’re the one to know. You are the only one that can help your pug to live the best life and lengthen his lifespan. You can do it by providing him with a good daily routine of exercise, a diet that keeps him filled and energetic (supplements included), and the most detailed daily grooming routine. You can find all of the tools and tips you need to these three properly here. But, most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy it!

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