Male Vs Female Pugs: Which Are Better?

Male Pug Vs Female Pug? That’s THE question! Find here the PROS and CONS! If you’re an aware type of owner for dogs and you want to have the best pug ever; then you’re like us. Here at, we can help you make this important decision! Luckily you’ve already read our posts on how to pick pug puppies and want to eliminate all doubts about Male vs Female Pugs. Keep on reading and find out!

Male vs Female Pugs: The differences.

There are some differences between them, of course, but they’re not particularly big. Here they are:

  • Female Pugs are smarter. Male pugs are more playful than the gals, and also their attention span is a little bit shorter. It’s not like they are the only species with this difference going on. *Wink*. This will make the training a lot much easier on the female side of the pug than the male side. But don’t worry, we can help you train them both easily!
  • Female pugs and male pugs are prone to different gender-related diseases; duh. For the gals, you need to get them spayed as soon as possible if you’re not actually a breeder. This will help you during their heat cycle. The same goes for the boys; they need to be neutered. Why? Ovarian cancer and testicular cancer.
  • They will love you equally but in a different way! Gals have more of a mother-like instinct; they will share their immeasurable love with you when you need it! Boys can’t hear their names without rushing in turned into a cloud of xoxo.
  • Also, boy pugs are a little bit more sociable than pug gals. Female pugs are slightly more protective with their humans; they will bark more at strangers, they will be more alert, and on duty, while they’re outside.
  • Pug gals will be on a siege from all the fronts while having their heat. All the dogs around your house will come and praise her beauty in a dog-like manner, so be aware. In addition, they tend to shed a lot after the heat goes away, and if you add the regular shedding of pugs, you’ll be sitting in hair instead of furniture in a blink. 
  • Last but not least, female pugs live longer than pug males. Female pug lifespan varies slightly:  Females average around 13.2, male pugs only 12.8.

Male vs Female Pug; Not so different after all.

Besides the aforementioned, pug females and pug males are not that different. They have the same personality outlines and will love to share their pug-ness with you at all times. They also get along well, especially when both genders are old enough, that number being above 3.

Still, it is probably not wise to pick them from the same litter altogether, unless you’re willing to commit to their training and the extra work that comes with seeing double. Still, double the amount of pug-ness and you will be definitely happier and them!

Living with a pug (or two) is certainly an experience worth living, so all we can say on this matter is that you should try it!

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