Ideas And Meaning For Female Pug Names And Male Pug Names. Get The Best Here!

There’s a question that many owners ask themselves after they buy their first pug; How should I name my pug? It’s fine, we’ve all had creativity fails while naming something or someone. That’s why is here to help you with this task.

Best types of pug names.

When talking about pug names, this breed is a gold mine! They are made for having different types of names that have a lot of meaning. Why? Because of their qualities!

  • They are cute, funny, and playful, which makes them perfect for having fun names.
  • They have luxurious origins and are among the most ancient breeds, which enables them to have strong and powerful names, as well as names used in history or mythology.

 Check out the best pug names for females and males:

  • Funny names for pug puppies: Butter, Peanut, Weenie, Bacon, and of course; Stinky. For Pug gals; Chica, Chi Chi, Fi Fi, Foxy, Tootsie, and our favorite: Diva. These have no particular meaning, or maybe that you were hungry while picking your pug’s name.
  • Ironically strong names: Captain, Bullet, Soldier, Sergeant, Killer, Bigfella, Behemoth, and the best of them all; Mr. Big. For pug girls: Cleopatra, Athena, Freyja, and Artemis.

These names denote a big size, which of course, is not a part of pugs nature! Also, these are strong and empowering women names that have been used in mythology and history.

  • Names inspired on your favorite characters are always a charm: Darth Puggerth, Bilbo Puggins, Pugger Pan, Hobbit, Harry Pugger, and much more. For Pug Gals; Miss. Puggy, Leia Pugana, Hermione Pugner, Imperator Puggyosa, and our favorite by far: Pugya Stark.

You can pick your favorite character from a movie and name them that way, or add a little pug-ness as we did on our examples.

  • You can also go for cute names: Buddy, Marshmallow, Moonpie, Teddy, and Cookie. For the lady pugs out there go for Honey, Lollipop, Missy, Pixie, and Bambi.

If something reminds you of a cute thing, you can use it. You can call them pugs and it would work the same!

  • Classy and elegant names: Augustus, Byron, Carmichael, Kingston, Madden, and Preston for pug lads. For the lady pugs Amelie, Ambrosia, Giselle, Olympia, and Victoria.

Any name that sounds elegant or exotic enough can work for this category.

  • If your pug is extra energetic and playful, these will do great: Champ, Flash, Dynamite, Shadow, Sonic, and of course; Buzz. For energetic pug girls; Huntress, Dancer, Tiger, Blitz, and Blaze.

These will show how fast and furious your pug is without making him actually show his skill set.

Pugs names meanings.

You can name your pug the way you want to! If something has extra meaning for you, then you should use that. Some love burgers and have a dog named Burger. Some love Michael Jackson and named their pug Tito.

  • Note: You decide the actual meaning of your pug’s name. Just get creative, find something that fits him, and boom; give him a great name!

She/He won’t care about which it is unless you’re calling him or her for hugs-and-kisses time!

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