Pugs for Rescue: Everything you need to know, Pros and Cons!

  • Are there Pugs for rescue near me?
  • You don’t know how much it costs to rescue a pug?
  • Do you want a pet, but also to help save a life?
  • You, as a dog-lover, feel like you’re not doing enough to help dogs in distress?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, keep on reading…and you’ll find all the answers!

Introduction: Pugs for Rescue

This one is great for people who deeply love dogs, and will continue to love them through dark and bright. Most pets at dogs’ rescues have suffered a lot. Because of that, you need to be more patient, loving and caring in order to provide a good home. Your relationship with dogs (especially with pugs) can’t be new if you want to rescue one; you’ll need some sort of advanced experience with dogs! You can check out our articles on how to live with an elder, injured or handicapped pug.

This is perfect for getting an older pug, that isn’t as energetic as playful pug puppies. Hopefully, they are also well behaved. You can also get a lot of useful information about the pug you want!

Pugs for Rescue – PROS:

  • You will help a lucky pug (and probably pug-mix) forget about its past with bad owners, living in the streets, or something worse.
  • This can be a very enlightening experience.
  • You will get tons of support from the shelter or pug rescue (this depends on the shelter, but it is like this most of the time).
  • Most of the time it’s free (no Pug Costs associated) or very cheap!

Pugs for Rescue – Cons

  • Sometimes rescued pugs have too many problems (health issues, injuries, or behavioral).
  • It’s not recommended for people new-to-dogs or without enough experience. We can help you know a little bit more here!

“Behavior problems were not on the top of the list of reasons for relinquishment…”

AVMA – American Veterinary Medical Association

Caring is not enough!

Pugs and other dogs in distress need more than awareness and a few “ow, poor thing” from people; they need direct collaboration, love, and maybe a little bit of money! If you love pugs, dogs, or any animal that’s in distress, this is the way you can prove it.

Adopting from Pug Rescues and ONGs

There are many ways in which you can rescue a pug (or any dog) wherever you may be in the world. Truth to be told, rescuing is one of the easiest ways of getting a dog! Rescuing a pug can be done through adoption and collaboration with certain organizations created with the sole purpose of rescuing pugs. We strongly recommend these organizations from around the world, since they’re doing an amazing job. Still, there are many pugs and other dogs in distress at this very moment!

Getting Pugs for Rescue can be free!

By buying a pug (or attempting to do so), you’re not just making a transaction. Instead, you’re changing the future of the pug’s life! If you buy a pug from a breeder, make sure to check the conditions in which the pug lives before buying it. We’ve said this before. Not only because you can avoid getting a faulty pug, but because you can instead save him/her and other pugs from the hands of bad breeders and puppy mills.

  • Note: A good breeder will always give you all the information, visitation rights, and more while you’re buying a pug. If he doesn’t, you can automatically think he’s up to something!

In these cases, you need to contact the authorities on the matter or some of the aforementioned organizations that can help you find out more. You can end up disarticulating a puppy mill!

Donate, donate, and donate to pug rescues!

These same organizations need more help to save our beloved pugs. Pugs are loved by everyone, yes, but there are some that simply don’t care about them and just see them as a money-making industry. You can help by donating! In most cases, whatever amount you can donate will be much appreciated, and will help many pugs have a different life and the treatment they deserve.

Volunteering at pug rescues

If you really love dogs, then you can also become a volunteer. There are many volunteer-based organizations that put their efforts together to help pugs have a better life. Most of the times this is easy and free; you only need some free time.

Save any dog (not just Pugs) from the streets!

Finding a pug on the streets is rare, still, it can happen. If you’re interested in saving all kinds of dogs, help them by retrieving them off the streets. This is a great way of helping dogs if you have extra space and budget for re-homing them. You can do it by adopting from any of the mentioned organizations, or if you have a lot of experience with dogs (and especially approaching skills to avoid accidents), you can do it on your own.

Listed prices are estimated per country for rescuing a pet and maintenance expenses. The cost of rescuing a dog from the streets depends on the care you give him or that he needs!

Are you ready to help? We hope you do. Cheers!

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