Teacup Pugs: Everything you need to know about miniature Pugs, Pros and Cons!

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We all love pugs, especially here at PugsClub.org. Also, we would love to have a pug that always looks like pug puppies, because pug puppies are so freaking cute. However, there’s the Teacup Pug, and we have mixed feelings about it. Let’s look at the facts about the Miniature or Teacup Pug!

Teacup Pugs. Are they natural?

The cute side of miniature pugs.

The Miniature Pug is the result of different means that are applied to make a pug look like a puppy or have a smaller size:

  • Mixing a pug with a Chihuahua.
  • Mixing pug couples that are small in order to get smaller pugs. This process is repeated until the desired size is reached.
  • Mixing a pug with another pug with achondroplasia.

That ends up with the cute result; a pug that will look always young.

  • They will grow up to a minimum weight of 3 pounds, and a maximum of 10 pounds, which is at least 10 pounds less than regular pugs.
  • Their size is adorable.
  • They are easy to take with you anywhere.
  • This breed is perfect for apartments.
  • Because of their size, they don’t eat too much, and that can actually help you to save a penny here and there.
  • That same rule applies to healthcare.

However, there are some troubles with them that you must also know.

The downside of the Teacup Pug.

Pugs have some health issues that are a nature of the breed, like their brachycephalic skull. And, if you add all the heightened predisposition to health issues like hypoglycemia, heart diseases, and more that come with the miniaturization process, what you get is a really cute disaster.

Another problem with this practice is that any breed mixed with Chihuahuas can cause the dam to require a C-section in order to give birth. Why? Because the dam’s body is not prepared to fit a different breed other than a Chihuahua. That, in turn, can harm the dam’s health forever, making it impossible for them to give birth normally again. Is this fair for the dam? Probably not, especially if you notice the unnatural side of the practice. 

It doesn’t stop there! Regular pugs and Chihuahuas have more in common than you think, especially when talking about their health issues. If you put them together in one dog, the risk of any of these issues appearing is much bigger. That also applies to regular problems in both breeds like:

And it goes without mentioning the most common chronic neurological disease; epilepsy. This list goes on, and on. And that’s definitely not good for the teacup pug life span.”

“Epilepsy remains the most common and perplexing of chronic neurological pet diseases despite decades of research.”

AVMA – American Veterinary Medical Association

This list goes on, and on. And that’s definitely not good for the teacup pug life span.

Is the Teacup pug life span good for you?

Having a dog that stays a puppy forever (regardless of its actual age) is impossible! The pug dog is actually among the most beautiful and young-at-heart breeds. They will stay playful even in their seniority years, especially with the right care for them to help them throughout the golden years. Aside from these, we could talk for hours about the benefits of having a pug.

The real question is; if you can have all this perfection with a pug, why should you get an even smaller and imperfect pug?

For us, that is not highly recommended and must be avoided, even if they are cute. Love pugs as they are, as they were, as you want them to be, and as friends! The choice is yours.

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