Stop guessing if your Pug needs some grooming!

Instead check-out our FREE Grooming Cheat Sheet in less than 5 minutes, learn key Pug’s symptoms and confirm if your friend needs some caring!

pug dog grooming cheat sheet
  • How do I know if it is the time to cut my Pugs’ nails?
  • How frequent should I wash my Pug’s teeth?
  • Is it OK to bath him every week?
  • How many times a month should I check his nose? Pugs’ nose is particularly sensitive!
  • How often should I care about my Pugs’ paws?
  • What are the wrinkles symptoms to confirm that something is wrong?

Did you ask yourself these questions? So did we!

That is why we want to share with you all the results condensed in one single Grooming Cheat Sheet!

…and why do we do this? As our mission states our number one goal is to help you get your Pug happier and healthier!

  • Save money (and time) going to the Grooming Stores when you can easily Do-It-Yourself at home!
  • Create a beautiful bond with your Pug by detecting healthy issues to treat them as soon as possible.
  • Easily (and quickly) learn the symptoms related to lack of cleaning your Pugs’ eyes, ears and nose!
  • Make your Pug feel more comfortable with his own body!

To get all specific Pugs’ Health Symptoms and Grooming Frequencies to take care of your Pug at home, just enter your email address and sign up!

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PS: Easily (and quickly) improve your pug-friendly knowledge to get your Pug happier and healthier than ever without leaving the commodity of your home.

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