How To Clean My Pug Wrinkles!

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Pugs Wrinkles Care – Why?

Did you know that Pugs have wrinkles on their faces because the Chinese bred them like that? The aim was to create a pattern that resembled the Chinese character for ‘Prince’. So next time you look at your Pug, remember, he has royalty written all over his forehead!

Learn how to treat a Pug wrinkle infection with our effective techniques outlined in our easily actionable steps! In this article, we are going to discuss all the top caring steps for looking after your Pug’s wrinkles. Discover how to keep your Pug’s wrinkles smelling good and fresh at all times!

Wrinkles easily identify a Pug’s face; they give him his essence! But why else you must take extra special care of your Pug’s wrinkles?

  • Lots can get stuck in between their wrinkles due to their shortened nose. This includes water, food, dust, and dirt, which can make them an unhygienic place.
  • All of these things can cause bacterial infections, fungal infections, and Malassezia yeast proliferation, which can lead to discomfort and inflammation for your Pug’s skin.
  • These issues cause Pugs to have a smelly face and apart from it being unpleasant, you certainly won’t want kisses from that face!

So, how can you treat these issues effectively by yourself? Follow our practical (and painless) guide and easily avoid problems keeping your Pug fresh, smelling good, and with a healthy, happy face.

Pug Wrinkle Infections (HOW to avoid or treat them)

Pug Wrinkle infection Dog

Pug wrinkles are among the cutest things about the breed. However, as well as Bulldogs, Shar Pei’s, and several mastiffs, Pug wrinkles are prone to all kinds of infection. Excess moisture, dirt, heat, and friction can lead to an ill-health of your Pug’s wrinkles.

How to know if my Pug has a wrinkle infection?

  • You notice a foul musty smell.
  • If your Pug starts rubbing his face on carpets, pillows, floor, and grass.
  • If you see discharge coming out of his skin-folds.
  • In advanced cases, his wrinkles will become red, sore and swollen.

“Pugs have wrinkled faces because Chinese breeders purposely bred them that way…”

AKC – American Kennel Club.

You must also be aware of the fact that not all Pugs have the same wrinkles! Most of them have different patterns. These can be only slightly pronounced all the way to highly pronounced wrinkles. But the wrinkles do not fully develop until your Pug reaches maturity. Regardless of how pronounced or not your Pug’s wrinkles look, you must keep them clean as they are likely to be deeper than they appear.

How Often Should I Clean My Pug’s Wrinkles?

Pug wrinkle infections may need a trip to the vet, but by cleaning your Pug’s wrinkles daily, this can be avoided. So, when should you clean your Pug’s wrinkles?

  • Do it at least once a day, after the last meal.
  • Ideally, do it after every meal.
  • Do it any time of the day you’re able to do it!

Get the idea? If you let days pass without cleaning your Pug’s wrinkles, she/he’ll be prone to a wrinkle infection which is not at all pleasant.

If you notice there’s an infection, you should apply the following at-home treatment.

“Its facial wrinkles must be kept clean to prevent skin fold dermatitis, a form of skin inflammation.”

How To Clean Pugs’ Wrinkles: Practical (And Easy) STEPS!

  1. Get what you need! Get some wrinkle wipes for Pugs. We’ve spent some time reviewing the best wipes for your Pug, so you don’t have to. If you don’t have wrinkle wipes, cotton wool dipped in salty water will be a suitable alternative. Nevertheless, wrinkle wipes for Pugs or even hypo-allergenic grooming wipes for Pugs are the best option.
  2. Clean those wrinkles! It’s important to get deep down inside your Pug’s wrinkles. With your fingers spread them apart to examine them for any infection. Next, carefully rub inside with a wipe. Remove everything that you may find since any mucky build-up will be an excellent medium for bacteria to grow in.
  3. Dry those wrinkles! Dry wrinkles are healthy wrinkles! When you’re finished, use a dry tissue to remove the excess of moisture. Bacteria love a moist environment so even though they may be clean, they may still easily grow an infection if this step is not paid attention to.
  4. Put on some cream! Once wrinkles are dry, you can apply some wrinkle cream for Pugs, ointment, or wax if it’s necessary. These products have antiseptic properties, making sure any residual infection or potential infection is killed off. This step is essential if there is a current infection.
  5. Clean, dry, cream and repeat: Proceed with the same technique with every wrinkle your Pug has!
  6. Reward! “Who’s a good boy?” Giving your Pug a reward will help you to train him and even look forward to getting his wrinkles cleaned every day.

Pro Tips

  • Add some healthy fatty-acids to his diet! An Omega-3 enriched diet can help to keep your Pug’s skin and wrinkles in great health. We’ve reviewed some fantastic diets for your Pug which will help you do this, so just click these links to explore food for Pugs puppies, food for adult Pugs, and food for senior Pugs. A particularly great option is food from BLUE Buffalo for Pugs.
  • Do not reuse your wipes! They will be dirty and not as effective. Use as many as you need.
  • Also consider Omega-3 supplements, not just enriched foods. A great supplement for Pugs is Nordic Naturals Pet-Omega-3 for Pugs . This will give your Pug a shiny and healthy coat at all times, plus keep those wrinkles free of infections.

Now you know how to clean Pug’s wrinkles! Wrinkles can get smelly and infected since all manner of materials can get entrapped in there, but with your great care from following these tips, you can now keep you Pug’s wrinkles as healthy as can be.

Discover Useful Products To Heal Pug’s Wrinkles!

Check-out our detailed reviews for Pugs to pick the best products for your Pug. We have invested time and effort to ease your buying decision! There are several products specialized for treating irritations and infections:

  • Wrinkle Creams for Pugs: They protect your Pug from humidity, debris, friction, and dryness.
  • Wrinkles Wipes for Pugs: While creams and balms are important, they are useless without wrinkle wipes. These are essential to cleanse your Pug’s wrinkles to keep them clean and sanitized.
  • Minor irritations – Vaseline: It can help you with minor irritations or redness between wrinkles, avoid moisture, and friction. It’s very cheap, and you can find it everywhere!

These products are everything you will need to protect your Pug from infection, all from the comfort of your own home. If your Pug has a wrinkle infection and it doesn’t improve after a few days, your veterinarian will be able to provide him with treatments to heal up his issue. This may include medicated ointments and oral antibiotics.

Note for our members: We make plenty of reviews from different brands in the Dog Supplies Market. We DO NOT get free products from product companies and have NO relationship whatsoever with them.

Frequently Asked Questions – Pug Wrinkle Infections

How can I accurately know if my Pug has a wrinkle issue?

Your nose is your best detector. If you clean your Pug’s wrinkles regularly, they shouldn’t smell odd. Any weird smell lately?

In which season are Pugs more prone to wrinkle issues?

All of them! Pug wrinkle issues are usually due to trapped debris and humidity, which is a year-round issue when you bath, play and feed your dog. The exception is for Pugs with skin allergies, as these may wax and wane through the different seasons.

Are wrinkle issues deadly for Pugs?

Not at all, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t serious. They are annoying and painful, so ensure you don’t let them get missed!


Now you know how to clean your Pug’s wrinkles! Wrinkles can become smelly and infected easily due to entrapment of dirt, food, and moisture, so keeping on top of it will ensure your Pug’s face is in tip-top condition.

If you notice a foul smell, you should give your Pug a bath following our Pug Owner Bathing Guide and whilst doing that, thoroughly check your Pug’s wrinkles for an infection.

With that, along with proper nutrition, tools, and mostly, the right level of commitment, you can help your Pug avoid all kinds of wrinkle-related issues which could be detrimental to his quality of life. After all, surely you wouldn’t want a sore and smelly face?

So now you’ve learned all about your Pug’s wrinkles, can you tell if your Pug’s wrinkles need a clean? Please share your thoughts…

Dr. Joanna De Klerk

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